Deirdre D. Parker is a beautiful, loving & kind-hearted woman who is born of African-American, French-Canadian & Native-American (Indian) ancestry.  Ms. Parker is also a Seattle-based entrepreneur, couturière & former professional fashion model within the City of Seattle Greater Metropolitan Area who primarily secured bookings in runway, editorial & commercial print advertisements with nationally recognized & reputable Companies.

"It's my love for the City of Seattle
and also for fashion; specifically, 'haute couture,'
that I created: 'Seattle Couture.' " 

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Deirdre D. Parker

Founder Visionary & Creative Director

Seattle Couture Atelier

Seattle-based Former Professional Fashion Model,
Deirdre D. Parker is the Founder Visionary of Seattle Couture Atelier

and Acts as Creative Director of Seattle Couture

About Our Founder Visionary & Creative Director

"It is my love for fashion; specifically, haute couture,'

as well as my love for the city of Seattle, that

I created: 'Seattle Couture."

During her time as a professional fashion model, Deirdre D. Parker was represented by a reputable local Seattle modeling agency through which she successfully managed to obtain modeling opportunities that included but were not limited to bookings with the Pacific Northwest's very own iconic, upscale & now defunct, Frederick & Nelson's Department Store (a division of Marshall Fields), British Airways Airlines, Michelob Beer & Trina Turk to name a few.  In addition, Ms. Parker also made an appearance in the music video ("BEEPERS") of Seattle's beloved national recording artist, Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

​Deirdre D. Parker is also a former exemplary employee of the City of Seattle for numerous consecutive years, as well as to a few other recognized Companies within the cities of Seattle & Beverly Hills which involved her maintaining a clientèle with the affluent through major upscale retailers that featured luxury designer goods such as Chanel, Escada, St. John, Ungaro & Valentino.  While maintaining a passion for fashion, Deirdre D. Parker has managed to keep her foot-in-the-door of the fashion industry over many years. She is a multi-talented individual who has been self-employed for numerous years, utilizing her God-given creative multi-talents & expertise in the capacity of an art director, creative stylist, photographer, graphic designer & fashion designer.  Deirdre D. Parker has chosen to combine her extensive modeling and retail experience, knowledge & expertise within the fashion industry along with her multi-talents as she continues to successfully manage, build & promote our luxury goods brand.

Deirdre D. Parker is the Founder Visionary of Seattle Couture Atelier and currently acts as the Creative Director of Seattle Couture.  Ms. Parker utilizes her specific design aesthetic talents to produce elaborate designs for our signature luxury
brand.  Understandably, it is Deirdre D. Parker's love for fashion; specifically, 'haute couture' and for the City of Seattle that shecreated Seattle Couture.